As a child you are on a journey. The destination is unknown, but you are exited for the path that lies ahead. Your childhood is playful and you explore the world. As you get older, adulthood demands you to become more wise and serious; more business; less play… that’s what the world expects of you. This confrontation is frustrating and you want to fight against these restrictions and expectations.

You do not want to be like everybody else; the rules of the status quo do not apply to you. You must rise up and push back to regain the fun in life. Your creativity and optimizm will help you to overcome this battle… but it’s not going to be easy. In the end you’ll find that your heart, your freedom and your ambitions are stronger than the expectations that society forces on you. Your energy and ambitions are an inspiration for everyone and outlive the concept of age.

You do get older, but you choose to never grow up!

Jubal presents their 2017 program: “Never Grow Up