Jubal 2013: The Deadly Game

Doe uw eigen onderzoek in het mystery van Sherlock Holmes; lees de achtergronden en beluister de originele muziekstukken:

“The Deadly Game”

A Sherlock Holmes Mystery



TheDeadlyGame-JD-Blood-stain (1)It is a grey rainy morning in London. The city is slowly coming to life. Streets are filling up with people going to their work and children who are taken to school. However,… something is different today. There is some sort of tension among the people and it feels like something is about to happen. Out of nowhere 2 gun shots come from a dark alley.


Chapter 1. Murder:

You can feel the panic and confusion all around the murder scene. People are running and screaming. Someone committed a murder. Officers are setting up the perimeter. They see the body and know what kind of murder this is. “This is really a case for Sherlock Holmes.” “Does anyone know where we can find him?” Sherlock is always around and also now he knows his way to the crime scene. “Here I am; We have no time to lose. Let’s start right away.”



Chapter 2. Investigation:

Sherlock and the officers are starting their investigation at the crime scene. They make sure they don’t miss anything. Then it is time to clean the murder scene and start the investigation around the city and in the lab. They will start a ballistic research and start questioning people who might know more about the murder. Officers are looking in all the streets to possibly find more information about the killer. More pieces are coming together and put Sherlock on the right track.



Chapter 3. In pursuit:

Suddenly Sherlock receives a phone call. A mysterious voice sounds trough the telephone. “I invite you to a deadly game. So if you want to play, start searching at 23rd Orange Street here in London. I will wait for you there.”

Will it be that easy? Sherlock enters the house and slowly walks through the hallway, around the corner and into a room. He must be here somewhere….. Suddenly they see someone running away and driving off in his car. We need to go after him.

The sounds of screaming tyres and sirens are all over the place. Sherlock is in pursuit. The problem is he is driving a black cab. And there are so many black cabs in London. Black cabs all everywhere, but which one do we need to follow? “Where did he go… Right or left… Let’s go after him”. Heavy traffic makes it difficult. Downtown London he passes cars on the left and right at a high speed. He wants to get out of London. They are chasing him with more than 15 cars. There is the bridge and it is closing.

They need to get him before it is too late… The bridge is already closing… will he make the jump?…

Damn,… he is gone… We were so close…



Chapter 4. Alone

After the heavy chase downtown London Sherlock goes home. He takes of his jacket and starts thinking what to do next. Who is this mysterious person? He wants to play a game over a murder? Sherlock doesn’t get it. He tries to put the pieces together but he is stuck. He stays in his house for days. Walls are coming towards him and his head is spinning. It becomes more of an personal fight. He needs to get out… But how?… He is fighting his own mind and madness. Sherlock’s problem is more than only solving the murder case… He is really lost.



Chapter 5. Putting the pieces together

Sherlock needs to get hold of himself. He needs to open his eyes and just put it together.


Suddenly he realizes it. “How could I have missed that? Dressed in black and always in charge. We need the last piece of evidence. I know precisely where it is.”  Sherlock now knows to put the puzzle together. He puts on his jacket and takes off. He starts walking and starts running faster and faster. I have to start at the beginning. Let’s go back to the murder scene and just let everything come together. All the pieces just point to one person. “You lose, I win!”